Up Above Down Below - Tunnels - Tower Subway

The first 'tube' railway. Shortly went bankrupt, since used as a pedestrian tunnel, then hydraulic power and water tunnel, finally communications conduit with defunct water infrastructure still in place.

Photos arranged in direction of travel from N-S. Taken early 2020.

North Shaft

View from the bottom of the north shaft, looking upwards.

North Station

View of the north vestibule/waiting room, directly at the bottom of the north shaft.

Bomb Repair Section

View of the enlarged-diameter section with WW2-era tunnel lining arising from repair to bomb damage. Approximately under Tower pier.

Centre Sump

View of the central tunnel sump and drainage pump. Also layout of main small-diameter tunnel.

South Station

View of the south vestibule/waiting room, looking north.

Concrete Extension Section

View of the larger-diameter precast concrete lined section, built as an extension in the 80s.

South Shaft

View from the bottom of the south shaft, looking upwards.