Up Above Down Below - Tunnels

Tunnels are man-made structures below ground, typically constructed either by excavation and recovering or by mining. There are many interesting and varied uses of tunnels in a modern city, including transportation of people, goods, liquids, gases, electricity, heat, and communications data; further tunnels can have a civil defence or military function, or even a purpose known only to their creators and owners.

More interesting still, are the tunnels that no longer serve any purpose, but instead lie underground dormant, awaiting a future life.

Tunnels are a source of intrigue, they carry out their purpose without any outward visibility - one cannot see inside from the surface, indeed in most cases with restricted public access one can only imagine what goes on deep below the earth's surface. That is the question to be answered, indeed: what is going on down there, where do the tunnels go, what secrets do they carry, what is the story of their creation, can one recall a sense of the past, of their creation, contextualised into a tangible comprehensible form?


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